Share the vegan baking love

Vegan Baking Day

October 1st

Host your own Vegan Baking Day

The beauty of Vegan Baking Day is that you can make up your own rules. All you need to do is share your favorite vegan eats with whoever you're around on the 1st of October. This special day will be easier if you follow some of the tips below.

Plan Ahead

Start planning what you're going to bake and how much you're going to need a few weeks before Vegan Baking Day. This way you can have ample time to seek out hard to find ingredients, recipes and maybe even find another partner in crime to help.

Choose Your Desserts Wisely

Vegan Apple Cider Doughnuts

It's a good idea to bake at least two to three things if you're interested maximum wow-factor. No matter how many things you're planning on baking, things will go smoother if you select individual finger foods that don't need to be cut, sliced or scooped such as cupcakes, cookies, bars or individually sized versions of larger desserts. This will also ensure they can easily be transported to where very you're going to be. Those ice cream sandwiches might not be such a great idea after they've been lugged along with you across town in the sweltering heat.

Offer Utensils

In foodie terms, the X Factor refers to the full experience of eating the food. Eating is not just about tasting; it's about how the food actually elevates your sense of being. This is why it's crucial to include simple conveniences that assist with how the food is eaten; plates, spoons or napkins in most cases. Have you ever been served a piece of cake at a party where they just ran out of plates? The frustration can almost cancel out the joy of eating the cake in the first place.

Have Fun!

The point of Vegan Baking Day is to celebrate vegan baking, have fun and to bring this fun into the lives of the people around you. We've all had those days where a tasty treat such as a cinnamon roll saved us and put our day back on track. Vegan Baking Day is all about doing this and letting people know what we already know: vegan desserts rule!

Ultimate Vegan BrowniesVegan Cupcakes