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Vegan Baking Day

October 1st

How Does it Work?

It's simple: Bake up your favorite vegan eats and share them at work, band practice, school, drama rehearsal, jury duty, the car wash; wherever you find yourself going on the 1st of October. I guarantee whoever you're around will go nuts because who doesn't love baked delicious goodness? You'll also be promoting vegan baking because once people get wind of the fact that these eats are vegan, there's a good chance they'll be impressed, inspired, or at least happy that they happened to be around to get a free snack. So what are you waiting for? Host your own Vegan Baking Day!

Find Vegan Baking Recipes

This is specially baked version of Google Custom Search that includes several vegan baking friendly blogs and websites in recipe searches so you can get to the goods as easily as possible. Want your food blog or other website's URL included in this search? Contact us and let us know!


Bake it up!

What are you going to make for Vegan Baking Day?
What are you going to make for Vegan Baking Day?
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Vegan Baking Tips

Here's a Tip! Want to ripen fruits or vegetables as quickly as possible? Place them in a paper bag with a ripe banana. Fruits, especially bananas, produce gasses when ripe that encourage other foods in their vicinity to ripen as well.

Here's a Tip!Where you place your goodies in the oven can make a big difference due to the varying temperatures in different areas. The center of the middle rack usually has the most even temperatures. Also be sure to leave at least a few inches in between the oven wall and your baked item. This is important so natural hot air 'convection' currents work to bake your item evenly. If you've got a crowded oven with multiple racks being used, it's usually a good idea to rotate the items between the racks halfway through the baking duration.

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